Durham and Black

Executive Advisory

Looking to increase market share and profitability, reduce or eliminate unnecessary overhead, or to take an in-depth look at the effectiveness of your executive team? Durham & Black provides expert Executive Advisory Services to help you achieve your key corporate objectives.

Capital Services

The experts at Durham & Black possess firsthand knowledge and experience in maximizing profitability by pairing strategic advice, expert guidance and market expertise with best-in-class transactional capabilities and the right investment resources.

Business Development

With expertise in both technology and high-level business challenges, our Business Development team provides strategic advice on key business initiatives, from recapitalization, IT strategy and resource allocation, to corporate structure, efficiency, and productivity analyses.


Durham & Black is a Chicago-based strategic advisory firm specializing in the tech/telecoms market. We provide Executive Advisory, Capital Services, and Business Development services to telecommunications and service provider companies worldwide.

Let us help you in achieving your business goals.